Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful

Everyone is capable of taking a great photograph. 

I promise. 

Even you- tired, makeup illiterate, stressed out and frizzy haired- can look beautiful. More importantly, you can feel beautiful. 

As the famous photographer Edward Steichen once said, "A photograph is not made in the camera but on either side of it." A great photograph is not taken, but created.

Which is why PixL-Photography provides an all inclusive photography experience. We style you, providing wardrobe as well as hair and makeup professionals. 

The goal of PixL-Photography is not to take pictures, but to make photographs. The difference is evident in every aspect of our process. 


The Process 

1. Discover your personal style

Together we'll create a mood board, a collection of images you like that depict the style you want your own photographs to emulate. You are more than a mom, a student, a graduate, a CEO- we want to capture your identity. 


2. Choose an outfit

Depending on your style and vision for your photoshoot I will help you choose an outfit, or series of outfits, to be photographed in. Clothing can be brought in or selected from my extensive wardrobe. Custom pieces can also be made or procured. 


3. Shower

On the day of your photoshoot arrive with clean hair and face. With PixL-Photography there's no need to coordinate a series of appointments to help you look your best. We arrange every aspect of the shoot, including makeup and hair artists, to ensure you both look and feel beautiful. 


4. Be yourself

Don't worry about knowing the right poses or facial expressions. Just relax, be yourself, and allow me to make sure you look amazing. I will  pose you in the ways that work best for your body and your body language. 


5. Leave a legacy.

At PixL-Photography we don't offer digital only packages. There are many reasons for this, the most important being that there is no standard digital form. If you receive your pictures strictly in a digital format, there's no guarantee you would be able to open those files in 10, 20, or 100 years.  There's no guarantee your grandchildren or great grandchildren would be able to see them. We display your photographs on deep fuji matt archival paper and present them in beautiful vegan suede archival boxes, meant to be treasured and displayed for centuries. 

So don't wait- don't say you don't have the time, or the money, or need to lose a few pounds. It's important to take photographs at important milestones throughout your life, and leave a legacy for future generations to remember you by. 

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