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Epic Winter Maternity Shoot featured on!!

What a crazy last 24 hours it has been for me. I can’t even believe it myself. I was contacted yesterday by regarding the beautiful maternity shoot I did in the snow last weekend. See my dear friend Lianna is pregnant with her first baby. Last summer when we found out, the first thing that came to mind knowing she was going to be pregnant over winter, was doing this epic winter shoot. I mean we live in New England after all, snow shouldn’t be an issue, right?Read the Article Here / Read The Article Here

Well, only it was almost an issue. See do to our schedules around lighting and such the only time we could do this kind of session was on a weekend. However, snow never seemed to hit on a weekend. We would get some snow during the week, and then a warm front would come through and melt it away. We were just not getting the epic storms we had imagined. However, we still pressed on with our planning.

My friend purchased her dress off of Etsy and the headpiece is from another Etsy craftswoman I use for my floral bonnets. We shared ideas back and forth regarding color scheme and locations. We initially were thinking of having to head up to northern New Hampshire, because I really had envisioned evergreen trees.

As things were coming together, the one piece we were missing was snow. So as a back up to our plan we decided on a studio shoot and milk bath photos. We shoot those the weekend before the big snow storm. At the time we had no idea what might be in store for us in the next coming days.

Then Thursday when the first storm hit, we were texting each other back and forth. Epic winter maternity session on!! However, we had a small window of time to do it. So Saturday my friend, her hubby, and sister came over to my place. We went down to the edge of my property and in a matter of 30 mins made magic happen.

Now I have seen comments about whether she was naked, freezing, and about the dress. She wore underwear, fully covered. Same amount of clothing one would wear to the beach. How I posed her and then with a little PS magic was able to hide unsightly panty lines. My husband did the dress throwing over and over until I felt we had nailed it!! The only person freezing was my friend’s support crew and me. LOL

I posted the final image to Instagram Tuesday night and by Wednesday I was contacted by a writer for about using it to write up a story about it. I was on cloud 9 all day yesterday; I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was actually afraid to tell many people in case might change their mind and not run the story. Then later in the day, it was there. Then last night they posted it to their FB page where it has over 2K likes.

This is my passion. This represents my goals as a photographer. I don’t just want to make pretty photos; I want to capture images that will be my client’s legacy for generations. It isn’t about producing a photo for today that will be forgotten tomorrow…it is producing an image you will be sharing with your grandchildren and their children. I want more women to be brave and daring…to exist in photos. I too felt this, I regret that I really don’t have many photos of me pregnant. I was so afraid of how I looked…now 11 years later that is my biggest regret. We can’t keep making excuses. Our loved ones want images of us…Getting a professional image done makes all the difference. We have the right lighting, gear, and ways to captures you at your most beautiful. Please be inspired by my friend Lianna, don’t be afraid to exist in photos!!