Mother and Daughters

When was the last time you were photographed? #ExistinPhotos

So be honest, when was the last time you were photographed? I mean really photographed, hair, makeup, styling…the works? I bet you will say your wedding or maybe senior photos, but let’s be honest how many years have passed since then? The time is now to get a new portrait taken that will be loved and cherished by your family.

This year my new project and the focus of my photography will be on getting women in front of the camera; making sure they exist in photos. This is so important because photos are our legacy. It is how generations will know who we are; it will be how your loved ones remember you. I am talking beautiful images that will be passed down from generations to generations. Trust, me all those selfies and cell phone pics will not be given a second thought years down the road. I equate those to the Polaroid pictures from 40s years ago. I don’t know a single person that has one of those hanging up anywhere. They aren’t because the quality was not archival and meant for long term display.

Ok, I can hear it now, the “I don’t look good in photos”, “I need to lose 20 pounds”, “I don’t have time”, and “I hate having my photo taken”. I get it and I understand your concerns. However, I am here to tell you that is why you hire a professional photographer like me. First, I have the understanding of lighting which makes all the difference, body movement, posture, and I know of ways to bring your best out in photos.

Something new I am offering now for all my sessions that will help you feel your best for you next session with me, is professional hair, makeup, and styling. You now do not have to worry about what you will wear, how to do your hair, or makeup. You will show up to your session ready to be pampered. You will also have access to my ever growing wardrobe and accessories by Chloe + Isabel. It is a full day of being treated like a celebrity.

To give you a little inspiration, I want to show you a session I just shot last weekend. This was a busy mom of two little girls. No different than the rest of us moms with young ones. Jennifer had never had her hair and make-up done, not even for her wedding. She is a beautiful woman that just needed a little pampering to help bring out her best. I am so in love with the portrait I captured of all three of them. See the before photo in the lower hand corner.

All the dresses they are wearing are from my wardrobe collection. You will have access to them as well.

So I challenge you to #existinPhotos. What will your legacy be? What will your loved ones have to remember you by, do you want it to be that awful cell phone picture or do you want it to be a beautiful portrait taken by me?