Beautiful and Regal Hovaizi Maternity Session


I am so excited to be able to finally blog about this beautiful home maternity session I did for the Hovaizi family a couple of weeks ago. As some of you know I tend to not shoot much in client’s homes, this is because of lighting challenges and not knowing the space. However, for this particular session, they had family coming in to town and the only way to make it work was to stage the session at their home. I am actually glad we did, they had a beautiful house with tons of light and many options for different locations to shoot in.

We were a little under the gun for time, since my client was close to giving birth and due to some scheduling conflicts we literally had only a handful of days to plan. Although I typically I like a little more time to plan a session, things came together nicely and we were able to pull it off. All the pieces lined up, from my makeup artist being free, to having an open Sunday on short notice. The Hovaizi also came to the session with no shortage of ideas which we were able to use as starting points. It is a significant help when a client has an idea of what they want for their images.

We started the day off in the nursery; my client wanted a few beautiful shots of her in the nursery. While simply decorated, it was tastefully complete and effortlessly elegant. From the pale pink drapes to the beautiful crib supported by the crown piece on the wall, it was beautiful. The room had substantial natural light which helped with the overall soft look we were hoping to capture. These are some of my favorite lifestyle like images I have taken. Sometimes simple is better and makes for a very beautiful image.

One of the must-have images was a nice family photo; we achieved that in two well-placed shots. Little brother was a doll, ready to be a role-model for his new sister. Mommy-to-be was absolutely stunning, I think she could have worn a crown and passed for royalty.  Her hubby was so handsome; he chose the blue sports jacket and pink pocket square. I think that was an excellent outfit idea and really complimented the pink mommy-to-be wore.

Another vignette my client wanted to try was beautiful backlight shot. We settled on this burgundy dress I brought from my studio wardrobe. I also brought my collection of Chloe + Isabel jewelry that is on loan to me to for use in my studio for client sessions.  We accessorized all of mommy-to-be’s looks throughout that day with pieces from the studio collection.  Once we had the second look all put together we moved to their family room for the serious of images we took. The beautiful white backlighting really helped make my client pop in the images. The deep red color really complimented her skin and hair. These are some of my favorite images of the day.

After this we moved outside. My client had seen the “Epic Winter Maternity” photo of my friend Lianna I took right after the blizzard last February. As it turned out, we didn’t have any snow that day and it was bright and sunny…nothing at all like the epic winter maternity session. We did have ample cold and wind which we used to our advantage and were able to quickly snap three gorgeous images. I wish you could see these in real life, I had them printed on deep matte paper, and they seriously look like climatic film stills. Stunning, that digitals of these don’t do them justice.

Once we got the outside images we wanted, we moved inside to focus on mommy-to-be. She has this beautiful sitting room with lots of light. She had some ideas of images with this little baby crown she had and flowers for her hair. So we were able to get these beautiful shots that she has envisioned. We also got several solo shots of mommy-to-be in her beautiful pale pink dress. She really glowed in her solo portraits.

Then the grand finale to the whole day was this beautiful milk bath shot my client had asked to do. She had seen a maternity milk bath I shoot a few weeks prior and asked if we could try that. She had this really large jetted bath tub, and we covered the sides with left over reclaimed wood from a home project hubby and I did. I picked up some roses and eucalyptus leaves to decorate the bath and surround. She had two different lace dresses; we went with the red because I thought it would pop more. OMG…this turned out so good. She had the most perfect round pregnant belly; her husband was floored at their reveal when he saw this printed out. He didn’t see us shoot this nor did he see the image in the back of the camera. So this was a surprise for him.

This was a great session; I enjoyed shooting it so much. My client had asked me at her reveal which image was my favorite…I honest can’t just pick one. I love them all. It was worth the time and effort, but that is my goal at PixL-Photography. It is about creating beautiful high quality images, which will be cherished for years. We put in the extra time and effort to craft each session so the final results are something you will be proud to display in on your walls for years to come.

In a few weeks I will have my client’s newborn photos ready to blog about. Oh-my-gosh, they are adorable. I can’t wait to share some of those.