Weekly News: Fine Art Photography, Gift Certificates Now Available Online, $200 print Voucher for the first 3 people who book new Glamour Session.

Fine Art

One of my favorite passions as a photographer is creating fine art. How is fine art different from a normal portrait? With a fine art, I am creating a one of a kind piece of art. I do this a couple of different ways; sometimes it just is how I edit it. I like to play with different tones and textures. Other times I have a concept for the photo shoot, so it begins with the styling, how I shoot it, and the editing.  My fine art work has been recognized by different online publications, through photography awards, and contests. Ultimately my biggest gratification comes presenting my clients with their unique one of kind piece of work.  

Right now I really am obsessed with flowers; I have no idea where that came from. However, I love flowers. I have several floral bonnets for small children, I also have created floral pieces for adults to wear as well. I would love to create fine art for you the next time you book your session. Contact me now and let’s get planning!!

Gift Certificates Now Available online

I am so excited to announce that you can now purchase gift certificate online through my website. I have two options, one you can purchase a gift certificate in demolitions of $100-$500. These can be used by the recipient to apply towards a session fee, prints, or split between both. Then I have glamour packages. They include the $250 session fee and then you have the option to add $250, $500, or $750 for the recipient to use for prints. This really is the ultimate package since you are gifting the session and money towards prints. So the recipient is all set and all they have to do is call me to book. These are great birthday or Mother’s day gift ideas. You can either have them delivered via email or I can mail you or the recipient beautiful physical gift certificates.

First 3 people who book a Glamour Session get $200 Voucher towards prints

Finally it is time to open booking for my contemporary glamour session!! I am so excited to announce this and to kick off this new session I am gifting the first 3 bookings a $200 voucher towards prints. Get a full professional make over and get your portrait!! Then use the $200 voucher to purchase prints at your reveal session. **Voucher has not monetary value, can’t be redeemed for cash, session fee must be paid and contract signed to receive the voucher.


New Year...New Beginnings...Hello 2017

Highlights of 2016...

Highlights of 2016...

Hello 2017!! Goodbye 2016. I can't believe we are going on to the second week of the new year. 2016 seem to have flow by and now I am looking forward to 2017. I titled this blog "New Year...New Beginnings", because for Pixl-Photography that is what 2017 represents.

2016 I think flew by so fast, because it was by far my busiest year in my 3+ year old business. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for all my great clients that trust their family photography needs with me. Whether it was maternity sessions at Minuteman Park, birthday parties at home, or cool dance shoots on Kings Beach, we sure have had some great times shooting great images.

I am really excited when looking ahead to new things I have in the works for PixL-Photography. Things I have plan I believe will improve the service your receive, the experience you have, and ultimately the images I produce for you. I want to be your go to photographer that you trust to document your life.


So the first new thing for 2017, well more than one thing. If you haven't notice, I have a new website. This has been a long time coming and I finally bit the bullet to get it done. I am pretty proud of the results. Let me know down in the comments what you think about it. Then the other thing you might have notice, I have a new logo!! I am pretty excited about that as well. I feel these two new things together really helps kick off 2017 and are the first beginnings of the changes you will start to notice with PixL-Photography.


Another big change in the works that you don't see yet, but you will. Starting in Spring I will be moving from online galleries to in person reveals and sales. I truly feel this will improve the service I provide you. The online gallery has been rather challenging, especially for print ordering. I have felt like I haven't been providing you the best customer service by just uploading images to a gallery and letting you try to figure out how to order prints not knowing what a crop ratio is, what the difference between print papers, ect. So the new process will be better for this since we will do it together, I will be able to explain all your options. How this will work, is after your images are completed I will schedule a reveal session. At this session you will get to view your gallery in person with me. I can then answer any question you might have. We can talk about print sizes, paper finishes, and other products you might be interested in. This will help you get want you really want without any guessing.


To continue my goal of providing the best service and experience, I have created new print packages. I have eliminated the sale of digital images and digital image packages for a better way of receiving your images. Now with every image you get as a print, you will receive a copy of the digital file to keep. No paying extra, no having to chose between buying digital image and then trying to figure out where to get it printed. You will get your prints from a professional lab, high quality, then you will have a copy of the digital file to keep to print more of the images, to post on social media, or share with friends and family. I am making things so much more simpler.


The last big change for 2017 I will be rolling out is the Contemporary Glamour session for you or the women in your family. Too many times women put themselves last in life, they put their children and the family ahead of them. They also tend to shy away from having their portrait taken because they don't like how they look or feel the look in a photo; or are overwhelmed with the idea of trying prepare themselves for their session. I am happy to announce I am going to offer a full pampering experience along with a portrait session. I will be providing hair, make-up, and styling services as part of the session. I want to encourage women to make sure they take time to do something for them, to make them feel good about themselves and how they look. I also want them to see how beautiful the are to those who love them. We women need to make sure we exist in pictures and in quality images. Future generations want to be able to look at a beautiful portrait of their love ones not and not a grainy out of focus unflattering cell phone picture..

I think this is the one change for 2017 I am the most excited about. I will be in the process of booking 5 complementary sessions, they will include hair, make-up, and styling services along with a $100 voucher for your print order. This $300+ complementary session will be for your time and my use of the images. So please make sure you keep an eye out on my Facebook page and newsletter when I put out the call for these sessions. The call will go out sometime this month, for sessions over the next two months.

I hope you are as excited as I am for 2017. I can't wait until our next portrait session together. I think 2017 will be a great year.